My 2017

Here is my list of remarkable things and achievements I accomplish this year.

Books I read:

  • Ficciones – Borges
  • Esperando a los barbaros - Coetzee
  • La pell freda - Albert Piñol
  • To kill a mockingbird - Harper Lee
  • La senda del perdedor - Bukowski
  • The Catcher in the rye – J.R. Salinger (thirth time)
  • The Great Gatsby – Scott Fitzgerald
  • El color de la magia – Terry Pratchett
  • Homenaje a Cataluña – George Orwell

I started many more that I didnt finish, but that I plan to finish soon.

Movies I enjoyed:

  • A Ghost Story
  • Mother!
  • Blade Runner 2045
  • IT
  • Your Name
  • Dunkirk

TV Shows I watched:

  • 13 reasons why
  • Mindhunter
  • GLOW
  • Merlí
  • Paquita Salas
  • Silicon Valley
  • DARK

Videogames I played (includes my own awards):

  • RUST (220h): Won “How to waste your life” award
  • Rainbow Six Siege (197h) Won “This is the last match…” award
  • The beginner’s guide.  Won “I’m not crying…T_T” award
  • Kingdom. Won “Simple but hard” and “Lovely atmosphere” awards
  • INSIDE. Won “WTF ending” award
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse. Won “Best with friends” award
  • Firewatch. Nominated to “Best walking simulator”

Also released an album, one videoclip and did several concerts.

I coded some funny little things.

About drawing I did half a comic during the inktober, a Matt Groening version of a friend. And a collaboration with Martina for a youtube contest:


And finally some songs that got stuck on my head for several days:


And last but not least, the soothing voice of Alan Watts that has accompanied me many sad days to remind me where I am:


2 Responses to “My 2017”

  1. Dos Alumnos ECV Says:

    Eres increíble Javi. De los pocos profesores que nos enseña a amar lo que hacemos. Un ejemplo a seguir en toda regla.

    Ojalá algún día vayamos a patinar los tres, te admiramos muchísimo.

    Un saludo y perdón por el comentario pasteloso.

    Nos vemos el lunes!

  2. tamat Says:

    hahahah <3
    el amor es mutuo

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