Pixelart nights

I have to resume working in one of my old flash games, the engine was advancing very well as the editor but suddently I switched to Javascript and now it is hard to go back to Flash. Anyway, here is a background I made with photoshop, to see if I get inspired to continue with my games.


6 Responses to “Pixelart nights”

  1. benny! Says:

    Looks really cool and moody. Would be cool to see this with a game around it 😉

  2. tamat Says:

    One day… meanwhile I want to see that game of yours in HTML5 Benny 😉

  3. Ashar Says:

    I loved this background. Can you share psd with me. It will save my file.

  4. Ashar Says:

    If you don’t mind please mail me your psd at asharjamil10@hotmail.com

  5. seda Says:

    this background is really cool
    if you like i can help you make games:D

    ps: im an artist;)

  6. seda Says:

    heres my mail address

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