Playing with Cinema 4D: Lighting

As I was commenting in a previous post, I enjoy playing with the parameters in C4D to get a nice realistic and soft illumination.
Today I wanted to get a nice text that felt warm. This is the result:


There are lots of subtle changes made to get a nice final image, you can see step by step the process in the full post.


Some comments:

  1. I started with an extruded text. It is very importad to add a bevel on the border, otherwise you will miss lots of specular hotspots and the borders wont look realistic.
    Then I put a rectangular area light where most of the light came from, it is very close to the object.
  2. Added global illumination to get rid of the dark areas (and because I love GI).
  3. I wanted to remove the “plastic looking” on the material so I added a Subsurface scattering on the luminance, but it burned the image.
  4. Reduced the SSS a little bit. The SSS is very subtle (maybe in the dark edges) but the look and feel is better.
  5. Tryed adding AO but the results are horrible, so I removed instanly (I didnt want to play with it).
  6. I like the natural illumination so I turned the light orange and changed the sky to blue to give that sunset look.
  7. Made the floor glossy, so you can see the reflection a little bit, it gives some volume.
  8. Applyed a fracture and a random effector rotating every letter a little bit in the Y axis, this makes the front side of the text less flat.
  9. Added some contrast in Photoshop.

If you want the C4D project file you can download it from here, feel free to use it however you want.

13 Responses to “Playing with Cinema 4D: Lighting”

  1. Musty Says:

    font name ?

  2. Musty Says:

    font name ? please ?? PLEASE !

  3. tamat Says:

    The font is called Segoe UI

  4. Musty Says:

    not segoe uı :

  5. tamat Says:

    I don’t understand you. ¿?

  6. Musty Says:

    ı download segoe ui not this text

  7. Musty Says:

    I downloaded the Segoe UI font but not in the photo, I understood you gave your :

  8. tamat Says:

    my what? the font I used is called Segoe UI, is the file I linked, is the file in my C4D render, is the file mentioned in your image.

  9. tamat Says:

    oh, you are right, the font is not Segoe UI, but is strange, my project says that. Sorry, then I dont know which font it was.

  10. tamat Says:

    Found it, is called Cooper Std Black:

  11. Musty Says:

    thank you I love you 🙂

  12. Musty Says:

    What is the process in photoshop?

  13. tamat Says:

    changing the contrast, nothing else

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