Previously on 2009

Brief list of good things and bad things that happened to me this last year:

  • Gla finally decided to visit me, and I had the chance to show her all the things I’ve been talking about during all these years. I was glad to see her here, to have the oportunity to spend time with her and create good moments to remember, sitting next to each other, showing our own little worlds.
  • Encouraged by my friends and co-workers I started playing in a heavy metal band. They needed a bass guitar player and I had too much spare time and some guitar skills, so I went every friday to play with them in a rented-by-hours local, and a couple of months later my skills as a bass player were surprisingly enhaced. Now even my good friend Pau come with us as the lead singer, and the “metal friday evenings” had become one of the best moments of the week, surrounded by great people, playing cool songs and having fun all together. Funny taking into account that I wasn’t a big fan of metal music till now. And If you want to know which songs we play they are mostly Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Guns’n Roses, but we also play songs from Wolfmother, Jet, Kiss, or some oldies like The Shadows.
  • Anton pushed me to go with him to learn french on a one-month course, where I remembered what was to study, and where I learnt a new language from scratch. One year later I’m studying french again two times per week and I can’t say I’m not enjoying it. And it helped me to make new good friends, like Marta 🙂
  • Encouraged by Ceci I took a one week course of 3D Computer Animation, my long time dream job. During the last years I learnt all the technical aspect about 3D Animation from the programming side but I never spend time animating a character, moving every bone along the timeline. After the course I realized that that wasn’t meant to be my future career. To animate doesnt have anything technical, it is only art, far away from anything I ever done, so I better stick to the technical parts of 3D Animation, like materials, lights, and so.
  • Ceci suggested me to travel with her to visit Santiago de Compostela, I don’t really like touristic trips, but this was the better I can remember. We spend a couple of days discovering the city and a couple more enjoying it. We met great people, we relax in nice parks, even the weather was perfect and the city wasn’t crowded at all being a touristic spot as it is. It couldn’t be better. Ceci was a great traveling partner, besides her obsession for taking macro pictures of every flower on the streets and parks.

There were bad things too:

  • That I am almost 30 and I still need the people to push me to do things (as you can deduce from the previous points), I never find reasons or strength to do them by myself. And the worse part is that when eventually I do something I’m usually pretty good, but anyway, I’m still a mixture of lazy and coward.
  • I stopped falling in love, after too many heart-broken moments, I realized that I stopped loving the people, and worse than that, I stopped caring about finding the true love, which for me was the main source of energy to wake me up everyday. Now I don’t know if I will ever find somebody to spend the rest of my life, but somehow it doesnt matter. I thought I was a romantic, but I guess that couldnt last forever.
  • Somehow I ruined my relationship with one of my best friends, the person that know me better and now I miss her every single day.
  • To run in a hurry to the hospital after a call telling me Elena had have a crash with her scooter, and to see her so scared, worried and ashamed. But after one year we can remember that and make fun of it, I even feel that after all she become a stronger person.

From 2009 I will carry with me the great days I had with Gla, all the rollerblading sundays with Ceci, the daily lunch with Miguel Angel and our geek conversations, the monday’s dinners with Pau and our nerdy moments, the metal evenings with the twins, my everyday chats about life and love with Julian, the working silly hours with Alun and Marco, the funny classes with Anton and Mikel, the yoga classes with Miriam, the drawing sessions with Ana, watching TV with Marta, hanging out with Graham, the unpredicted calls from Marcos to go eat somewhere, and all the supporting conversations with Magda and Elena. All of them helped me to bare this 2009. After all, it wasnt so bad.

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