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My own host and a backup script in python

Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

Some time ago I decided that instead of sharing some space in a hosting service to have all my websites I was going to rent my own private server. I could had plugged one old machine to the network at home and save the money but if I have to pay every month a fee I’m sure I will make good use of it.

Now two years later the experience have proved to be great, I manage remotely my own Ubuntu machine (my knowledge in Unix systems have improved a lot), my own http server (nginx), I have services running (GIT, some node.js scripts) and I’m hosting several websites from some of my friends.

I’m using (great service) for a virtual machine of 256 MB of RAM (more than what I need), it costs me 20 Euros per month which I think is fair.

Thanks to that I’ve been able to code all kind of crazy ideas which it would had been impossible without my own remote machine, and I encourage to all the webmasters to give it a try one day to pass to a next level.

.OBJ to JSON python script

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

I have developed a small script in python to convert OBJs to JSON, well suited for WebGL rendering.
It is not very optimized, and it only support OBJs with one mesh with UVs and Normals.
It computes the bounding box and clamp to 3 decimals all the values to avoid some ugly values.
It support indexed meshes and coordinates swap for 3ds MAX exported meshes.

The code after the jump.

My simple IP Socket Server in Python

Friday, June 25th, 2010

This is a small python code I wrote to create easily apps that connect using a socket.

The interface is really fast:

from easyserver import *

def on_client(info):
print “Alguien viene… ”
print info.details

def on_message(info, msg):
print “Dice: ” + msg

def on_close(info):
print “Se fue…”
print info.details

EasyServer(20000,on_client, on_message, on_close)

This will call any of those callbacks anytime somebody connects to the server listening in port 20000. More simple is impossible.

Here is the code: