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Cubemap using HTML5 and CSS Transform

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Today at work I had to do a cubemap visualizer that must work in iOS, so the only approach was to use HTML5 and the some of the new CSS 3D transformations.

I have done it already in flash using the 2.5 API so I thought it shouldn’t be so hard to rotate several layers 90 degrees and move them around. It turned out it was, because the origins are kind of messed up in the new CSS 3D API and I couldnt find a good documentation about it.

Drag the image around to see the panoramic image, although some old browsers probably wont show anything.

It works perfect in iOS and Chrome, not so well in Firefox.

If you want to use it, it is all wrapped in a simple Cubemap class in javascript, just include it and use it 🙂

#musichackday 2012: app for iPad

Saturday, June 16th, 2012

This has been the thirth edition that I have participated in the MusicHackDay, a 24 hours coding competition, usually endorsed by famous musical technology companies (like Spotify, Soundcloud,…).

The MHD its a fantastic event, very well organized, where you can meet great people, code cool things, learn new technologies, and win some prizes during 24 hours, and all for free!

My good friend Marcos and I made this app for the iPad using the Freesound API that let you access to all the samples’ info stored in their database, even provides links to download those samples.

Click on the image to see more screenshots

Click read more if you want to know how it was done. (more…)