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BWR2015: A sea in WebGL

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

I’ve collaborated with the Barcelona World Race event several times in the past. Last year they approached me because they wanted to have a new 3D renderer for the web to enhance their online game (which I coded 5 years ago). I forgot to create a propper entry in my blog so here it is. You can play with the demo.


Click in the image to see it in action, and if you want to know more about the development, read the rest of the entry.

A Year in Javascript

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

After many years programming graphics in C++ I ended up having to code a big web project during a whole year, it was for the Barcelona World Race online game. Because the project requested lots of graphics and interaction I decided to do it in Flash, by that time I only had made some silly tests in Actionscript so I had to learn fast and not only the basics.

Barcelona World Race

Barcelona World Race

The project ended up being a success with more than 50.000 registered users (surprising for a game so niche as the sailing games).

After that project I felt that Flash was a great platform, performance is good, the API is complete, the official IDE has all I could expect, and the projects can be deployed to web or desktop without any problem.

And then, WebGL came and I thought that it would be cool to learn it so I could merge my passion for 3D graphics and my passion for web development. And because to WebGL you need to know Javascript I became more and more proficient in Javascript.

I coded my own game editor in Javascript, silly weekend projects, even server side apps with Node.js.


Ludum Dare 22: Alone in the city

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Me and my girlfriend participated on the Ludum Dare 22 competition about making a game in 48hours. After the total failure of the GGJ11 we wanted to make something more simple. The theme was simple: ALONE

I wrote a post-mortem about the game on the official blog, you can read it here.


Global Gamejam 2011: Things to remember

Monday, April 16th, 2012

I decided to participate on the Global Gamejam 2011 at Barcelona with three of my best friends.

We make “something” that barely can be called game, but it was fun. You can try it here:

The game has no gameplay at all but the atmosphere is cute. You just walk around a city and if there is more people logged to the game you will see them. Thats all. We wanted to force the people to interact between them somehow, but we never made it.

You can read a small post-mortem about it following this post.